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Jeffrey Pohlmann

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Dynamic developer with 20 years of experience leading, designing, and developing frontend applications that provide best-in-class Internet communication experiences. Innovative problem solver producing both mobile and desktop solutions that simplify intricate functionality and easily engage users. Driven self-starter with passion for social responsibility and/or sustainability projects, while adding value through innovation, usability, and teamwork.

CSS, Sass, php, JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, MySQL
Development Tools
Jira, Confluence, SourceTree, git, node.js, gulp, BBEdit, Coda2
Agile, Kanban, Scrum
Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Logic Pro, Sketch, Mac expert

Core Competencies

  • Responsive Design
  • Front & Backend Applications
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Usability & Accessibility
  • New Technologies Research
  • Photography
  • Team Lead & Collaboration
  • Design & Color Trends
  • ADA & W3C Compliance

Professional Experience

PuppySpot, Inc. Hollywood, FL

Interaction and Frontend Designer - November 2019 - May 2020

Brought on as a short-term contractor to help with user experience and interaction issues introduced by a recent website upgrade. Worked with marketing and developers to change the website from a strict breakpoint structure, to a componentized system that allows each section of a page to be responsive as needed, based on available space. This created a more fluid experience with cleaner layout. In addition, created new designs for legacy pages to better fit the design and direction of the new website.

  • Worked closely with marketing to make sure pages stay on-message and on-brand.
  • Worked with front end developers to make sure they understand requirements.
  • Created prototypes as needed, to demonstrate animations and interactions. Prototypes are created in HTML and CSS (Sass, etc), and easily handed off to the front end developers to integrate with the rest of the pages.

Illumina, Inc. San Diego, CA

Interaction Designer - March 2016 - April 2019

Served as User Interface, User Experience, and Interaction Designer for Illumina. Worked on multiple projects, from established and legacy projects to new products. Evaluated current designs and oversaw user testing to help find areas of improvement and customer pain-points. Worked with marketing, frontend and backend developers, and user groups to create new or updated designs.

  • Created the workflow, design, animations, and interactions for the user-facing control software on Illumina’s iSeq 100 gene sequencer.
  • Created and iterated on design through interviews with backend, frontend, and hardware developers, consulting with marketing, and user testing.
  • Built functional mocks that helped find pain-points early in the development process.
  • Iterative update of the DesignStudio assay designer application. Introduced new selection workflow, and updated overall design to follow Illumina’s design guidelines.
  • Updated Illumina’s UI Library – a reference library with code examples, styles, and scripts that are to be used by all software projects for both internal and external web-based applications. Updated from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4, and wrote documentation to instruct other designers on code-breaking changes., Carlsbad, CA

Frontend UI/UX Developer — May 2012 - Oct 2016

Served as lead UI/UX designer and developer for, writing code in php, HTML5, CSS, Sass, javaScript, and jQuery. Provided expert consult/advice for new projects, multiple platforms, practical solutions, and new design/direction. Design new website sections from basic framework creation to production release. Redesign existing website sections, taking handoffs from backend developers to create new styles, animations, and interactions. Research emerging methodologies and technologies to improve or update outdated sections.

  • Served as driving force leading to create a more modern, usable website and use multiple platforms to reach a greater audience.
  • Played a key role creating site’s user experience, which reflected company’s change from an arbitrage-based business to a content-centric lead-generation model.
  • Converted legacy website from using the Blueprint CSS framework to a custom, php-driven solution. The increased organization and customization options of the new system helped both backend and frontend developers be more efficient, reduced the number of support files needed, and helped reduce production server overload. All leading to a better user experience.
  • Devised and implemented solution that accelerated load time for web pages as well as a menu system that appeared on every page.
  • Created a CSS and javascript system that greatly simplified the development process, which in turn saved time and improved consistency. The system also reduced the amount of code maintenance, HTTP requests, and load times by eliminating use of third party plug-ins and libraries.
  • Decreased website render times on mobile and desktop devices, as well as displaying standard or high resolution images depending on screen resolution, by initiating use of HTML5 Picture element.
  • Equipped marketing department with ability to update design elements and colors independently by creating template system that sped up website changes and unburdened development team.

CSUPERB, San Diego, CA

WEB Developer — 2009 - 2010

Designed and built online grant proposal, abstract submission, and peer review system. Created complete solution for students, educators, and researches to submit proposals and abstracts for grants as well as help with submission, review, and approval process. Developed system with 3 levels of users: standard user, reviewer, and administrator

  • Delivered system that skyrocketed productivity for CSUPERB offices by dramatically reducing their workload and paperwork.
  • Condensed month-long task into minutes by automating the compilation of all submissions into a catalog for printing and distribution.

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Web Programs Manager, Field Stations Program — 2005 - 2010

Hired initially as a web developer to convert, recode, and update entire Field Stations Program’s website to become ADA Section 508 compliant. Quickly expanded scope to include design, photography, videography, and production responsibilities.

  • Designed unified branding materials that linked all 4 distinct Field Stations, including logo, website, brochure, letterhead, and additional marketing collateral.
  • Built a life-saving website that educated and informed local residents on fire safety, current fire threat levels, and evacuation plans, along with downloadable brochures and documents.
  • Created websites and graphics for smaller departments and partnerships: PASI (Pan-American Advanced Studies Institutes Program), Ecology Program Area, Environmental Sciences Program, San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership and SEEDS (Sustainable Economic and Environmental Development Solutions) Global Alliance.

JP Arts, San Diego, CA

Graphic Designer | WEB Developer — 2002 - 2005

Started up freelance design firm to meet the marketing needs of corporations and small businesses. Primarily provided 2D and 3D illustration for print and programming for web applications. Additionally designed logos, stationery, websites, and web components.

  • Created game-night programs and promotional materials for the San Diego Sockers.
  • Created website and promotional materials for Colorado River Foundation.

Promotional Broadcast Network, Inc. , San Diego, CA

Art Director | Lead Programmer — 2000 - 2002

Recruited by former client to design, build, and animate 3D environments for games. Directed a 4-member team of artists and programmers to deliver a consistent “look and feel” to the game environment. Developed online delivery/update system, which enabled game to be updated on the fly.


San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership
Vice Chair of the Communications Committee
Communications and Web Technologies